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Low Fat Diet

Written By Luthfie fadhillah on Friday, March 18, 2011 | 7:03 AM


For a regular healthy diet, it is recommended that of the total calories eaten, no more than 30% should come from fat. However, certain diseases and medical conditions can make it difficult for the body to tolerate even that much fat, so a low-fat diet may help people with these conditions.

Gallbladder Disease: Bile secreted from the gallbladder helps the body break down and absorb fats. When gallstones or gallbladder diseases are present, a low-fat diet is often used to prevent complications.

Delayed stomach emptying (Gastroparesis) is a condition in which the stomach empties food into the intestine too slowly. This can cause bloating, nausea, and even vomiting. Normally, fat in foods delays stomach emptying, so fats make gastroparesis worse.

Diarrhea can be caused by many conditions. When it occurs, it can be aggravated by eating fatty foods.

Malabsorption of nutrients: Absorption is the transfer of nutrients into the bloodstream from the intestine. In some diseases of the pancreas and small intestine, patients have trouble absorbing nutrients from the diet, including fat. A low-fat diet may help to control symptoms until the cause of malabsorption can be diagnosed.

Fatty Liver: For a number of reasons, fat may accumulate in the liver. Fat is not normally stored in the liver, and in some cases this can cause damage to the liver. A low fat diet and weight reduction may be helpful.

Nutrition Facts

In most cases, this diet provides all the nutrients required by the National Research Council's Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). In some cases, however, the physician may prescribe supplements. Women of childbearing age and those people with malabsorption may need to take certain vitamin and/or mineral supplements.
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Popular Very Low Fat Diets

There are several diet books which advocate predominately vegetarian, very low fat eating plans. Most of the books focus on weight loss, but can be used by those interested in vlf diets for other reasons.

I don't recommend any particular diet and feel that those who are most successful at following a very low fat diet plan (for whatever reason) are those who read these recommendations with a critical and skeptical mind and then design their own personal plan based on the principles they've learned and their own situation. I will say that the diet that I am most impressed with is that recommended by Terry Shintani.

The diet summaries included here are based on the published works of each author. I recommend that if you find you are particularly interested in one or more of these diets that you purchase their books -- they contain much greater detail on implementing the diet, nutritional information, and recipes.
Vegetarian Diets

Dean Ornish
    Dean Ornish, MD, works primarily with heart disease patients. After noticing that most of his patients lost weight on the diet, he wrote a weight-loss oriented book called the "Eat More, Weigh Less". It's an lacto-ovo vegetarian diet with less than 10% calories from fat.
Terry Shintani
    Terry Shintani, MD, is on the clinical faculty at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine. Like Ornish, he calls his diet "The Eat More, Weigh Less Diet". It's vegan, with lots of guidance on building a well-rounded and balanced diet.

John McDougall
    John McDougall, MD, has two published formal diets: the Twelve-Day Diet, and the McDougall Plan for Maximum Weight Loss for those with stubborn weight loss problems. His dietary plans are nearly vegan (they allow honey).

Nearly Vegetarian Diets

Gabe Mirkin
    Gabe Mirkin, MD, recommends a predominately vegetarian diet with no more than 20 grams fat per day. The diet does permit seafood in moderation, but not meat or poultry.
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Drinking Water Ice Making Buncit Stomach?

Written By Luthfie fadhillah on Saturday, March 12, 2011 | 2:11 AM

According to Dr. Slamet Iman Santoso R Soetomo, internist, basically every person could have anything to drink boiled water, such as bottled water, hot tea, or cold water using ice cubes. People will become resistant to temperature stimuli as above when in infancy, childhood, young adult, adult, and by old age are taught constantly. In principle, people would be healthier if all things are eaten or drunk close to body temperature. Thus, your entire digestive system is not too much trouble to adjust the temperature of food intake.

Of course people should drink cold water because the body can surely adjust to the intake, but the organs of the body in the finished work a bit extra. Drinking cold water is generally okay, but there are weaknesses that are relative. For example, there are germs that can live at low temperatures (at high temperatures the bacteria had been turned off).

In addition, at cold temperatures, the nerves around the mouth, throat, until the upper abdomen would suddenly aroused. Mucous membrane in the vicinity were also stimulated (shrinking) even though very little. Enzymes and gastric juices will react quickly to the cold temperatures.

You can feel when the weather is very hot, our body will feel hot and sweaty. If you drink water with ice cubes, the stomach will feel cramps or spasms. Drinking ice will change the rhythm or the employment ordinance tool in the body, especially the stomach. Indirect result of these reactions is the emergence of a little gas in the stomach which can make a distended stomach as you read.
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Stomach Firm Strategy in the Age 30 Plus

We often hear that the metabolism slows down after age 30 the same as getting the card to die to achieve a lean body. Especially when we already have a child. It seems, hopes to have vanished already flat stomach and toned.

But according to Dave Nuku, personal trainer for the reality show The Biggest Loser Asia (TBLA), with the proper lifestyle, all the myths that can be broken. For example, about several women who are more easily fat, while others can easily lose weight. Is this just a genetic problem?

Dave says, obesity can also be caused by lifestyle. For example, eating too much instant foods or mengasup calories more than required. Not only that, we are too lazy to move and exercise. Or, to use every opportunity to not move. Ride the elevator rather than climb the stairs. Sitting all day, ride a car to buy bread in the shops that were located nearby. In fact, the distance of the store just 5 minutes walk away. In the long run, this can lead to obesity.

Is it true that women are also more difficult to lose weight than men?

"He did have a slight advantage because the more muscle mass. This makes them easier to burn fat. But that's not the cause of the number of obese women to be more," he explained.

There are still many women who feel unable or unwilling to perform several types of sports, such as strength training or lifting weights. Fear of getting too muscular body. In fact, strength training is great for burning calories.

Rules to lose weight for men and women are virtually identical. The key is exercise. Do cardio, flexibility exercises, and strength training. Nothing is too heavy or too light, adjust the portion of the existing order. Do not forget also to set a balanced food intake.
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Plank Exercise More Effective Make Stomach Flat

There are three different plank position that also targets the muscles of the center. The longer you stay in a plank position, the center of your muscles stronger. You will soon see improvements in your body. But do not do this exercise if you have a problem on the lower back.

1. Basic plank
Begin by placing both hands on the floor, with elbows resting on. You could be clenching each other's hands, or make your palms flat on the floor. Straighten your legs and renggangkan hip-width apart and lift your body with both feet as a buffer. Straight body position, make sure your back is arched, or your buttocks higher. Head facing the floor, a key part of the stomach, then breathe normally. For starters, hold this position for 20 seconds.

The more your body strong, plus the duration of time to survive. For example, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, and so on. Repeat in 3 sets.

For the basic plank, you can also try other variations. For example, rested both elbows on the stability ball, while both feet on the floor. Or the opposite, put both feet on stability ball, while both hands on the floor. Another exercise is to take two stepboard placed within a distance of 1 meter. The second pivot in stepboard the one hand, and both legs in stepboard the other, so that your body looks like a bridge.

2. Side plank
Lying on your right side while leaning on one elbow. Let your left foot piled on top of the right foot, and then push your body upward so that your body forms a perfect triangle on the floor. Do not let your left shoulder thrust forward or backward. Hold this position as long as you can, then repeat on the other side of the body.

3. Sky-dive
Imagine your body position when doing skydiving, but the body is on the floor. Lie flat on the floor with his head facing down, and both arms straight at your sides. Slowly lift your chest off the floor until you can feel the tension in your lower back muscles due to start work. Simultaneously, lift both arms with palms facing upwards, and both thumbs pointing toward the ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds, then lower your chest slowly.
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Change-Free Diet For Stomach Fat

This is due to excess energy intake which cumulatively dumped as energy reserves of body fat. Change your diet to get a beautiful belly craving in the following ways:

Food Chew Slowly
Eating habits quickly, it can create more body fat. Satiety just feel after 15-20 minutes after the initial cud, occur after gastric processing of food in the stomach. After working the stomach began to decline, began to feel satiety. Because of that, try chewing food longer. That way, bribes for bribes is not too soon come to your mouth.

Reduce Portion Rice
It seems that one serving of rice on the plate is not always enough for you. To menganggulangi this habit, begin to reduce the portion of rice at the dinner table. Conversely, the portion of vegetables reproduced. So, if you're still hungry, but the rice was gone, the choice to stay two. Stop eating or eating vegetables. Win-win, right?

Walk 30 Minutes
If you want to belly fat "deflate", do not be a boring exercise. But, why not belly fat quickly "shrink", though it was a routine exercise? Because the most fat to accumulate in the abdomen, then the capacity to burn fat even greater. Automatic, for re-slim takes more time. So, naturally dong when you first arm sections to deflate rather than the stomach. Types of exercise effectively streamline the stomach is walking or running. Do 30 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week.

Do not Jump Sleeping After Eating
Try not to sleep immediately after eating. Because, during sleep the body becomes very relaxed, so that bowel movements slow. Since there is no wasted calories, so fat that can go directly accumulate in the body. As a result, obesity. In order for the digestive process smoothly, so it should be no pause between the time after eating and sleeping. At least at least 30 minutes. Perform other activities, such as washing pirign or watching television.

Eat Salad
Cut carrots, celery, zucchini, or other vegetables for a salad dikudap. This step can make you spend more effort to chew the pieces of all types of large-sized vegetables. So you will be more chewing, and eat less when eating the main menu.

Green Tea Drink Before the Road
Caffeine contained in tea free fatty acids, which can help you burn fat more easily. Polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) found in green tea can work effectively with caffeine that burns calories.

Replace Butter with Olive Oil
This step is more healthy and can help you eat less. Recent research proves, add olive oil in a food eaten to reduce at least 52 calories than those who used butter.
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Because a large stomach Bloating?

Every person has a health condition that is different. There are eating so much so that the glut, but her stomach still looks flat. There is also the only drink coffee, direct stomach bloating and bulge (too loud!). Besides causing discomfort, abdominal bloating bloated due to also make make you look any less beautiful views. Make a flashback to the food and beverages you consume to prevent or overcome, as suggested Marissa Lippert, a diet expert best-selling author of The Cheater's Diet.

1. Expand the drinking water
Water will eliminate bloating immediately, by helping the digestion and overcoming hunger and hydration level. As a bonus, drink plenty of water will also make your skin look fresher and helps prevent the signs of aging (like wrinkles). Drink 1.5 to 3 liters of water per day, depending on your level of activity. To be more fresh taste, pour the lemon juice or cucumber slices.

2. Eating foods bloating repellent
Cucumber, asparagus, artichokes, watermelon, fruit from citrus groves, melons, and cantaloupe, are some kind of fruit that act as natural diuretics. If your body tends to easily hold the water, this fruit can be tried because it makes you urinate often. In addition, foods that contain healthy fats such as salmon, avocado, and olive oil can also help reduce inflammation and keep the stomach flat.

3. Avoid artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and carbonated beverages
Ever felt so full stomach after drinking coffee? This often happens when your stomach is not filled with food. Many people do not have time to eat, and then accidentally drank coffee to "prop up" the stomach. In fact, this satiety are hoaxes. The result may actually be a little bloated your stomach for it. For that, consider your diet. Do you frequently eat sugar-free candy, drinking caffeine and carbonated drinks? Food and drink is the cause of your stomach is sensitive to bloating.

4. First, Choose your alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages also appeared to have a different calorie count. Avoid beverages containing sugar, or high in calories, so that could disrupt the space in your stomach. You can enjoy 1 or 2 cocktail of your choice such as Margaritas on the rocks, Mojito, and sangria, then sip a lighter type, such as champagne, wine, light beer, or vodka-soda.

Want to know how many approximate calories in your drink?
* White or rose wine (147.8 ml) - 110 calories
* Mojito (103.5 ml) - 150 calories
* Margarita on the rocks (88.7) - 223 calories
* Sangria (1 cup) - 120 calories

5. Avoid junk food
Fried food is greasy and fatty foods, like french fries, chips, candy, or bread, usually contain a lot of sodium, sugar, zero calories, and carbohydrates that contain starch. Foods such as these absorb the energy levels and cause bloating. Instead, enjoy the food with healthier ingredients, especially fruits and vegetables. For vegetables, avoid-containing gas such as cabbage, mustard greens, or young jackfruit.
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Stomach Shrink Faster

You've started a routine exercise, body weight was slowly beginning to fall, but why yes, fat in the abdomen still survive? Nah dong fun, if slender body but her abdomen distended?

Perhaps, you missed some of the things that make your body do not form perfectly, especially in the abdomen. Because, to shrink the stomach is not enough just to sit-ups and cardio exercise alone.

According to Jillian Michaels, one of the fitness trainer from the show The Biggest Loser, there are five more things you can do to control belly fat.

1. Set the weight of water. That is, you need to reduce salt intake to 1,500 mg per day, and increase water intake to 2.3 liters a day. The more you drink, the less you retain water.
2. Consumption of foods containing potassium (like watermelon). Foods high potasiumnya levels will help you relieve bloating, so that your stomach is shaped (not bloated). You can also make cranberry juice mixed with water, dandelion tea, asparagus, and try two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day. Vinegar also helps maintain normal potassium levels in the body.
3. Do something else to burn body fat. The trick with getting used to count calories at each meal, so you can burn excess body fat.
4. Maximize your skills while practicing in the gym. During training which was arranged by your coach, do not immediately give up or feel unable to do so. Try 85 percent of your maximum heart rate to function during exercise, in order to obtain optimal fat burning. Do exercises that concentrate on the muscles of the center, and use multiple muscle groups, such as a combination of martial arts or yoga.
5. Avoid processed foods, alcohol, and less rest. Sleep is a soothing activity, and fun, so why are you always putting nundanya? Lack of sleep, plus the two previous terms, will increase levels of cortisol (stress hormone), which is one of the hormones that are believed to cause the storage of fat in the abdomen.
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